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Staff Applications

Posted by Bagdar on December 3, 2016 at 4:50 PM

Please comment down below to enter a staff application in the following format:

Real Life Name:  [OPTIONAL]

Minecraft Name:


Battle Level in-game:

Why you think you should be part of the LoftCraft Staff:

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Reply andrew
2:10 PM on December 7, 2016 
In game name:_Zhen_
Age: 18
Battle Level: 2
I would like to bee a staff member of your server because I like to help people. I will first say that I am a builder not a fighter, however I have a wide range of skill on the subject of coding and creating within game engines including the vox based engine itself. I will build everything from structures to statues to machines if requested to. I will help you build what you need me to in order to add to the server and help its community grow. I have steam but lack any other form of social media excluding gmail. Other than coding, I have no experience with owning or controlling Minecraft server and will operate without administrator privileges if needed. My main objective is to build. I hope to become staff soon and hope to add to your server and community.
Reply GreenGemYT
10:03 AM on December 5, 2016 
Name : Ben
IGN : GreeneGemYT
Age :15
Battle Level : 20
Why would I like to be staff : I would like to be staff because I am friendly, helpful and good at managing things like plugins, staff levels and everything to do with developers.i can code some stuff not much though. I can build experienced buildings but my speciality is building vintage and old looking buildings, delapitated castles and stuff that have a lot of edges and corners are my type of thing. I have played on this server a lot and I enjoy it a lot and I think bagdar put a lot of effort into making loft craft. I enjoy just playing small servers because the big ones u get banned for doing one small thing. I have been staff on a few servers before but most of them shut down. actually I think they have all shut down ): . but now I have found this server maybe I have a chance. I do have skype but I only talk to people I know, sorry if that's a problem. I hope I can make an addition to your server

From GreenGemYT
Reply _RedBananaMan_
6:26 PM on December 3, 2016 
Real Life Name: James (friends call me jeffery)

Minecraft Name:_redbananaman_


Battle Level in-game: my level is 34 almost 35

Why you think you should be part of the LoftCraft Staff:Why I think I should be apart of the staff of LoftCraft.
I am applying for mod or admin
I think I should be apart of the staff because I am on most of the day. and the night sometimes if I am not busy whit work. I think the community is grate and I am happy to be apart of it. I have staffed on server's in the past I was a co owner once (4 years ago) and the server died out to abuse of the other staff (owner's irl friends). I have also been a head admin and head helper and still am on a different server but the server small and to many staff on it that abuse so I am looking for a new start and a server to help grow.
I have Skype and discord Skype minecraft_forlife discord is redbananaman. I have not abused when I was staff on any server and I will not.
I have been banned once before and it was because I unbanned the co owner when the owner and him where fighting. I have already helped the owner by pointing out shop prices that where bad/wrong
I like this servers community its vary fun and reminds me of a server that went down some time ago that I enjoyed and played on.
Reply kbmistro675
5:08 PM on December 3, 2016